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Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Our family has over 30 years of study and experience in traditional herbal medicine, food sourcing, wild crafting and organic agriculture. We have spent a good part of our lives learning about and working with plants and creating value added goods. Our family has made plant remedies, and served Organic food to the community. We are all working to evolve a vital regenerative agriculturally based economy.

Our family has been growing, sourcing, formulating and producing some of the finest natural products in the world. We started one of the first hemp companies in America – Tradewinds Hemp Company in 1990. The Tradewinds Hemp Company created some of the first hemp products, therapeutic hemp body care and hemp food products in America.

Next we formed the first Fair Trade Chocolate Company in the US, pioneering Hemp And Chocolate as the ORIGINAL SUPERFOODS, evolving the “super food concept” of nurturing yourself through choices, food being one of the most immediately effective. FOOD IS MEDICINE. Finally we ran one of the first 100 % Organic Restaurants at festivals and cultural events around the country. “The Full Moon” served raw food, organic vegan and vegetarian foods featuring whole food hemp-foods all sourced locally, and created artisan style on site. We had a chocolate bakery and some of the finest festival food on earth. Many people tasted the future of chocolate through the medium of the Original Love Truffle!

We will use ONLY the finest organic and Fair Trade sources, we will utilize the purest extraction and artisan production techniques. Our flower is ORGANIC and homegrown as is our community and our family.  We are a family business focused on Peace, now and for the future, rejuvenation and sustainability, community social responsibility, unity and equity.

We look forward to serving you in the future!

~~  Opening the Eye of Mind One Head at a Time…~~

Mountain Girl’s Botanica would like to extend our gratitude for taking the time to find us.

Many of us find ourselves on a journey to reclaim our health, we must gain the knowledge and the tools, we must share what we learn along the way.  We encourage you to nurture and care for yourself, and we applaud your efforts on your path seeking greater health.

We live and grow under the Pacific sun, we dance in the full moon, we GROW AND WORK  in the Emerald Forest Valley, by the THREE SISTERS, in the Land of CASCADIA , and our WHOLE EARTH!  Thank you for all you do!

YOU make the world a better place !

Carolyn Garcia, Tanya & Rick Kiyak-Boughton

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