18 12, 2018

CBD is gaining momentum

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The federal and state governments are stepping up to allow commerce in the CBD Hemp arena. This story in the The Oregonian Oregon Live explains the federal government provision of the $867 billion farm bill Congress approved this week removing hemp from the list of federally controlled substances and treats the low-THC version of the cannabis plant like any other agricultural crop. If President Donald Trump signs the legislation as expected, it’s projected [...]

18 12, 2018

Emerald Cup was a Delight

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My visit to Santa Rosa was truly fun! we spent a lot of time just talking to people we met along the pathways of this tremendous  gathering of Cannabis enthusiasts and growers. The aromas in the air were  tantalizing to say the least.  We wandered around for hours looking at everything. What fun !  I had a few hours to enjoy before my panel discussions Saturday afternoon.  Dragonfly Earth Medicine had the teepees [...]

15 12, 2018

Emerald Cup

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The Emerald Cup is this weekend in Santa Rosa, California. I hope to see you there. Join me; I am speaking at 6pm, Saturday 12/15/18, on the panel Micro-Dosing: From Cannabis to Psychedelics, with Lex Pelger, Allan Badiner, and Martin Lee in Finley Hall at the Santa Rosa County Fairgrounds.

15 12, 2018


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CBD is the molecule of the 21st Century. We grow organic Hemp in Oregon from which Mountain Girl's Botanica CBD is created.