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Barclay Powers

Barclay Powers is an award winning writer, producer and director of independent films. He has studied, practiced and taught Asian systems of meditation, yoga and rare internal martial arts for over three decades. Barclay specializes in explaining classical Asian medical science in current neuroscience based Western terminology that can be easily used for greatly enhanced brain health.

Over the last ten years, Barclay has developed a unique approach to healing and enhancing the function of the central nervous system. The program he developed is called F.I.R.S.T. Functional Internal Rehabilitative Strength Training. Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon has supported this Mind/Body/Brain developmental system with a grant to enable the benefits to be extended to more individuals.

With an extensive background in genuine Neidan meditation and medical Qigong, Barclay Powers and Carolyn Garcia have developed a line of neuroprotective formulas that has the potential to radically enhance meditation and yoga practise. Using principles of Vagus nerve stimulation, and the most recent findings in contemplative neuroscience we anticipate showing the individual how to improve brain function and mind/body well being, one head at a time.

The goal of meditation and yoga is to heal the mind and brain by returning to our original whole and healthy consciousness. This entails the integration of the central and peripheral nervous systems through regular practice which uses specific breathing methods to increase cellular energy production in the brain and body. Neuroscience considers each individual to have the potential for genius, savant or virtuoso abilities which can be developed by these systematic practices. When these visionary approaches to higher consciousness are combined with Organic Nootropics the potential for personal growth and metacognition becomes unlimited. Mountain Girls Botanica is based on this recognition of the unlimited potential of the awakened human mind.